True West – Iowa State University Theatre Production

by Sam Shepard

This American classic explores alternatives that might spring from the demented terrain of the California landscape. Sons of a desert-dwelling alcoholic and a suburban wanderer seeking meaning in Alaska and Picasso clash over a film script. Austin, the achiever, is a college graduate and a professional screenwriter. He is staying at Mom’s near Los Angeles (instead of home with his own family) to work on a script he has sold to producer Sal Kimmer. Lee, a demented, desert-dwelling petty thief, drops in. He pitches his own idea for a movie to Kimmer, who then wants Austin to junk his bleak, modern-day California love story and write Lee’s archetypal–and trashy–western tale.

“Surely Shepard’s masterwork…it tells us a truth, as glimpsed by a 37-year old genius.” N.Y. Post.

November 5, 6, and 13 and December 4 at 7:30 p.m.

Fisher Theater – Ames

The Cast

Austin – Jordan Whalen
Lee – Jonathan Anderson
Mom – Rachael Rhoades
Producer – Ellis Wells

Creative Team

Costume Designer – Annaliese Baker
Director – Patrick Gouran
Lighting Designer – Jim Trenberth
Scene Designer – Rob Sunderman
Stage Managers – Lore Blomquist, Erin Karhoff
Assistant Stage Manager – Mea Hernandez
Light Board Operator – Patti Stringer
Assistant Costume Designer – Teal Larsen
Hair and Makeup Design – Chieko Calina, Teal Larsen, Laura Helmer, Nate Thurston
Stagehands – Anthony Davis, Elise Gregg, Josh Hasty, Emily Lowry, Willie Parks, Rachel Pothoff, Cecilia Radilla, Laura Slimak, Catie Tell
Wardrobe Mistress – Jennifer Phillips
Wardrobe – Camille Cardona, Eboni Dale, Sarah Dunkin, Breeanna Kaser, Andrea Kemp
Props Master – Megan McGonegle
Photography – Patrick Gouran
Program Design – Liese VanderBroek
Technical Director – Brian Swanson
Electric Shop Staff – Derek Paper
Scene Shop Assistants – Jillian Carstensen, Laura Ellis, Bret Dobbins, Jeremy Hilbert, Derek Paper, Ben Wright
Costume Shop Supervisor – Doris Nash
Costume Shop Assistants – Brett Burkhardt, Heidi Frohardt, Jessica Havlicek, Teal Larsen, Jennifer Phillips, Danielle Warnke
Secretary – Liese VanderBroek
Publicist – Jessi McCool
House Manager – Kevin Geiken, Erin Karhoff
Box Office Assistant – Brian Swanson


Production photos and publicity photos by Patrick Gouran

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