To Kill a Mockingbird 2012 – Iowa State University Theatre Production

by Harper Lee/adapted by Christopher Sergel

“Before I can live with other folks, I’ve got to live with myself.”

Atticus Finch, a lawyer who is a widower, tries to raise his two young children to have a code of honorable behavior within the social fabric of a small town in Alabama in the mid 1930’s. When a young black man is unfairly accused of accosting a white woman and Atticus serves as his lawyer, serious issues of racial inequality violently surface within the community. Winner of a Pulitzer Prize.

February 24 and 25 and March 2 and 3 at 7:30 p.m.; February 26 and March 4 at 2 p.m.

Fisher Theater – Ames

Adults $16, seniors $14, students $8. Single tickets go on sale September 1 and are available through the Stephens Box Office in Ames or any TicketMaster.

The Cast

Calpurnia – Shongedzai Matangira
Jean Louise Finch (Scout) – Kiah Kayser
Miss Maudie- Kim Paul
Walter Cunningham – Grant Pahl
Miss Stephanie – Danielle Levings
Judge Taylor – Mark Klooster
Heck Tate – Paul Pint
Mrs. DuBose – Katie Olsen
Jeremy Finch (Jem) – Brent LeBlanc
Reverend Sykes – Elliott White
Arthur Radley (Boo) – Austin Schinke
Mayelle Ewell – Calli Sandahl
Bob Ewell – Jeff White
Nathan Radley – Michael Brandt
Charles Baker Harris (Dill) – Ben Teske
Atticus Finch – Taylor Sklenar
Mr. Cunningham – Colton Brouwer
Men in the Street – Taylor Diles, Sean Labonte, Douglas VanOostenrijk
Tom Robinson – André Johnson, Jr.
Mr. Gilmer – Zack Hackbarth
Clerk – Michael Still

Production Team

Director – Jane Cox
Scenic Designer – Rob Sunderman
Guest Costume Designer – Emily Ganfield
Lighting Designer – Jim Trenberth
Stage Manager – Charlie Ziemann
Assistant Stage Manager – Liz Rankin
Scenic Designer Assistants – Carolyn Susa, Early Turner
Light Board – Kyle Basom
Sound Board – Ryan Anderson
Stagehands – Kenneth Shibata, Dan Poppen, Justin Voga, Jacquelyn Wienand
Wardrobe – Katelyn Hall, Madison Welterlen
Props Master – Liz Rankin
Photography – Dan Neubauer, Nancy Thompson
Poster Design – Mary Bendgen
Program Design – Liese VanderBroek
Costume Shop Supervisor – Doris Nash
Costume Shop Assistants – Linsey Heister, Amanda Jorgensen, Madeleine Kobus, Emma Rose Miles, Emily Morley
Technical Director – Derek Hisek
Scene Shop Assistants – Janie Anderson, Michael Brandt, Taylor Clemens, Zachary Eskrich, Amber Fitzsimmons, Dan Fynaardt, Kiah Kayser, Austin Kopsa, Matt Meldrem, Kiersten Naberhaus, Liz Rankin, Josh Ster, Emily Visser, Madison Welterlen, Charlie Ziemann
Secretary – Liese VanderBroek
Publicity Assistant – Corinne Oertel
House Manager – Casey Buenzow
Box Office Supervisors – Brad Dell, Zachary Eskrich, Amber Fitzsimmons, Kiah Kayser, Jim Trenberth


Production photos by Nancy Thompson, publicity photos by Dan Neubauer

Poster by Mary Bendgen

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