The School for Scandal – Iowa State University Theatre Production

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

First performed in 1777, this play still has the power to make us laugh two hundred years later. Human nature hasn’t changed much over these two centuries, and Sheridan’s work still presents important truths amongst the sparkling wit.

The Cast

Careless – John Lystig
Charles Surface – Adam Hartig
Crabtree – Phillip Marten
Joseph Surface – William Thompson
Lady Sneerwell – Gwendolyn Lukas
Lady Teazle – Heather Gulling
Marla C. – Brooke Mcknight
Mary – Mary Carr
Moses – Lex Jacobson
Mrs. Candour – Alisa Templeton
Rowley – Freddie Richards
Sir Benjamin Backbite – Dan Heck
Sir Harry Bumper – Sean Kehoe
Sir Oliver – Aaron Mccullough
Sir Peter Teazle – Patrick Gouran
Snake – Jack Meggers
Trip – Michael Dahlstrom

Production Team

Assistant Stage Manager – Kelly Kohles
Costume Designer – Joe Kowalski
Director – Jane Cox
Lighting Designer – Ray Steveson
Portrait Artist – Robert Parr
Portrait Artist – Shari Vogel
Scenic Designer – Fritz Szabo
Stage Manager – Cheryl Williams