The Rivals – Iowa State University Theatre Production

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

The Rivals is one of the funniest jewels of late-Restoration Comedy. In order to woo the idealistic Lydia Languish who disdains money, Captain Absolute disguises himself as a poor Army officer. Standing between the two lovers is a famous collection of comic characters including Lydia’s quick-tongued aunt, Mrs. Malaprop who often gets her thoughts and words just a little confused.

February 24 and 25 and March 2 and 3 at 7:30 p.m. and February 26 and March 4 at 2 p.m.

Fisher Theater – Ames

The Cast

Acres – Jordan Whalen
Captain Absolute – Steven Vander Linden
David – Matt Bridges
Fag – Kenneth Oishi
Faulkland – Philip Henry
Julia – Genevieve Henricks
Lucy – Jillian Carstensen
Lydia Languish – Jessica Hanson
Mrs. Malaprop – Malary Harris
Servant – Genya Coffey
Servant – Nathan Zobel
Servant – Scott Stuntz
Servant – Alexis Kline
Servant – Tim Sklenar
Servant – Emily Eggleston
Sir Anthony Absolute – Michael Rubke
Sir Lucius O’Trigger – Ian Mostrom
Thomas – Jason Pollard

Creative Team

Director – Jane Cox
Costume Designer – Gregory Duckett
Lighting Designer – Jim Trenberth
Scenic Designer – Greg Anderson
Stage Manager – Liz Leuthauser

Assistant Stage Manager – Daniel Aaron Wise
Light Board Operator – Jennifer Krug
Sound Board Operator – Molly Kruse
Stagehands – Derek Paper, Eric Stoffel, Justine Year
Dressers – Kate Collins, Breanna Kaser, Lemeul Killens-Nealy, Lindsey Osborne
Props Master – Megan McGonegle
Props Assistant – Jillian Carstensen
Internet Site Coordinator – Jim Trenberth
Costume Shop Supervisor – Doris Nash
Costume Shop Assistants – Brett Burkhardt, Christen Harms, Jessica Havlicek, Rachel Kerrigan, Teal Larsen, Riannan Peterson, Jennifer PhillipsVeronica Skaar
Technical Director – Emily Brainerd
Scene Shop Assistants – Keith Canter, Jillian Carstensen, Sarah Hill, David Krenz, Megan McGonegle, Andrew Schaffer, Rachael Waggoner, Zach Wilkerson, Ben Wright
Photography – Patrick Gouran
Secretary – Liese VanderBroek
Box Office Supervisor – Sarah Hill
House Managers – Jillian Carstensen, Abby Norton
Program Design – Liese VanderBroek
Publicity Assistant – Samantha Davis
Poster Design – Samantha Davis


Production photos and publicity photos by Patrick Gouran

Poster by Samantha Davis

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