The Grapes of Wrath – Iowa State University Theatre Production

an adaptation by Frank Galati from the novel by John Steinbeck

Renowned first as a novel, and then as a prize-winning motion picture, the story of the Joad family and their flight from the dust bowl of Oklahoma is familiar to all. Desperately proud, but reduced to poverty by the loss of their farm, the Joads pile their few possessions on a battered old truck and head west for California, hoping to find work and a better life. Led by the indomitable Ma Joad, who is determined to keep the family together at any cost, and by the volatile young Tom Joad, an ex-convict who grows increasingly impatient with the intolerance and exploitation which they encounter on their trek, the Joads must deal with death and terrible deprivation before reaching their destination—where their waning hopes are dealt a final blow by the stark realities of the Great Depression. And yet, despite the anguish and suffering which it depicts, the play becomes in the final essence a soaring and deeply moving affirmation of the indomitability of the human spirit, and of the essential goodness and strength which – then as now – resides in the hearts and minds of the “common man,” throughout the world.

The Cast

Al Joad – Chad Hoch
Al’s Girl/Aggie Wainwright, Square Dancer, Car Sal – Tanya Haynes
Armed Guard – Daniela Short
Armed Guard, The Boy, Waltzer – Thomas Carothers
Armed Guard, Thug, Ag Inspector, Everyday People Ensemble – Stacei Skowron
Car Salesman – Nicole Colsch
Connie Rivers – John Williams
Contractor, Men Going Back, Owner, Everyday People – Julia Schulz
Digger – Karl Eckhart
Digger – Juwan Shepherd
Floyd’s Wife, Farmer’s Wife – Katherine Widestrom
Granma Joad, Mrs. Wainwright – Dana Hurd
Granpa Joad, Sick Man, Officer – Karl Eckhart
Jim Casy – Mark Sutch
Ma Joad – Darlene Bradley
Noah Joad – Ezra Eisenberg
Pa Joad – Nate Mooney
Rose of Sharon – Erin Baal
Ruthie – Erica Lonesome
Shot Woman, Square Dancer, Everyday People Ensemble – Michelle Putnam
Square Dancer Steve Willis
Square Dancer, Sandry, Ag Inspector, Everyday People Ensemble – Sarah Bliss
Striker – Kenya Deer
Striker – Ezra Eisenhower
Striker, Camp Director, Everyday People Ensemble – Anne Arthur
Striker, Square Dancer, Car Salesman, Everyday People Ensemble – Kathy Robb
Striker, Square Dancer, Car Salesman, Woman Washing – Karmann Gladney
Striker, Thug, Attendant, Everyday People Ensemble- Jennifer Spinola
Thug, Farmer’s Wife – Dana Hurd
Thug, Waltzer – Erica Lonesome
Tom Joad – Duwan Morris
Uncle John – Dan Fairall
Waltzer – Darlene Bradley
Waltzer – Erin Baal
Waltzer – Brian Mayer
Waltzer – Nate Mooney
Waltzer – Duwan Morris
Waltzer, Muley, Proprietor, Men going Back, Everyday People Ensemble – Jennifer Vierck
Winfield, Floyd Knowles, Willy – Brian Mayer

Production Team

Assistant Director – Julia Schulz
Assistant Lighting Designer – Scott Saunders
Assistant Stage Manager – Katherine Widestrom
Costume Designer – Cara Peterson
Costume Designer – Joe Kowalski
Dance Choreographer – Linda Sabo
Director – Lorna Littleway
Fight Choreographer – Gregg Henry
Lighting Design – Jim Trenberth
Scenic Artist – Erica Zaffarano
Scenic Designer – Jim Lile
Scenic Designer – Brenda Jones
Stage Manager – Seth Mccullouch