The Clumsy Custard Horror Show – Iowa State University Theatre

ISU Theatre’s student directed production

by William Gleason


Fear and suspense has struck the natives of Zob Proper, as their benevolent ruler King Dumb announces that his fair daughter, the Princess Prince has been taken hostage by the evil ruler of Zob Improper, Dacron. Only one man and his Worfle sidekick can save the day and that man is Swashbuck Valpariso. The Clumsy Custard Horror Show and Ice Cream Clone Review is a fantastic tale of valiant heroes, damsels in distress and evil villains fighting together in a mystical land. The world of the play is brought right to the spectators through audience participation and interaction with the actors on stage. The evening of theatre promises to be an experience of immense laughter and enjoyment.

April 21-23, 2000

The Cast

Alphasia – Anne Clark
Arnis Boheme – Craig Luttrell
Clumsy Custard – Matthew Martin
Dacron – William Thompson
Ester – Kelly Bartlett
Head – Lorainna Williams
King Dumb – Zachariah Barclay
Malforce – Michael Dahlstrom
Polly – Matthew Kawa
Princess Prince – Molly VanderKrol
Sir Cumference – Matthew Martin
Sir Prize – Jeffrey Hansen
Sir Vival – Lorainna Williams
Swashbuck Valpariso – Andrew Hennebeck
Turkey Spider – Joe Himmelheber
Usher – Jessey Stensby
Worfle – Joe Spina

Production Team

Assistant Stage Manager – Tim Johnson
Choreographer – Kelly Bartlett
Costume Designer – Danielle Strait
Director – David Byrd
Lighting Designer – Matt Oppedahl
Scenic Designer – Peter Jackel
Stage Manager – Marcia Schultz

Production photos by Patrick Gouran