Scaramouche – Iowa State University Theatre

by Barbara Field, from the novel by Rafael Sabatini

In the swashbuckling tradition of The Three Musketeers comes this romantic adventure, based on one the this century’s most popular historical novels. Scaramouche tells the exciting story of a young aristocrat thrust by chance into the turbulent politics of the French Revolution. His successive endeavors as a lawyer, politician, actor, lover, and buffoon lead his enemies to call him “Scaramouche” – the clown – but he fights on, dazzling the world with his elegant orations and precision swordsmanship. This delightful classic overflows with memorable escapades. “He was born with the gift for laughter and a sense that the world was mad.”

November 12-14 and December 3-5, 1999 – Fisher Theater, Ames


Aline – Danielle Strait
Andre-Louis Moreau – Jack Meggers
Ballad Singer – Kim Hale
Bertrand Des Amis – David Byrd
Binet – David Byrd
Camille Desmoulins – Ryan Swartz
Cazales – Matthew Kawa
Chabrillane – Andrew Hennebeck
Citizen – Natasha Krentz
Citizen – Kristy Henry
Citizen – Rachel Gulling
Climene – Kim Hale
Danton – Sean Kehoe
Gentleman – Ross Helgevold
Harlequin – Matthew Kawa
Isaac de Chapelier – Tim Johnson
Jacques – Luke Stoffel
Kercadiou – Felix Adams
Leandre – Michael Dahlstrom
Marquis de la tour D’Azyr – Craig Luttrell
Mme. de Plougastel – Eve Himmelheber
Phillipe de Vilmorin – Luke Stoffel
Pierrette – Katie Goldsmith
Polichinelle – Ryan Swartz
President – Michael Dahlstrom
Rhodomont – Sean Kehoe
Student – Andrew Hennebeck

Production Team

Assistant Stage Manager – William Thompson
Assistant Stage Manager – Neil Schmedding
Commedia Director – Malcolm Tulip
Costume Design – Michael Oberle
Costume Shop Supervisor – Doris Nash
Director – Gregg Henry
Dramaturg – Michael Lupu
Fight Choreographer – Paul Steger
Lighting Design – Chris Mannes
Music Coordinator – Hiram Titus
Scenic Design – Matthew Cook-Anderson
Stage Manager – Chris Hennes