Romeo and Juliet 1988 – Iowa State University Theatre Production

by William Shakespeare

romeo and juliet gazing into each others eyes

Shakespeare’s play of youthful passion and its tragic consequences. The world’s most famous love story.

April 28, 29 and 30, May 6 and 7 at 8 p.m.; May 1 and 8 at 2 p.m. – Fisher Theater, Ames

The Cast

Escalus, Prince of Verona – Garry N. Geiken
Mercutio, the Prince’s kinsman and Romeo’s friend – Dennis P. Ryan
The Count of Paris, Suitor to Juliet and kinsman to the Prince – Chris Libby
Page to the Count – Jeff Ericksen
Lord Montague, head of a Verona family – Peter Vrotsos
Lady Montague, his wife – Jill Tyson
Romeo, their son – Brooks J. Chelesvig
Benvolio, Romeo’s cousin and friend – G. Jack Barr
Balthazar, Romeo’s servant and friend – Travis Bailey
Abram, a servant of the Montague household – Med Hornecker
Lord Capulet, head of a Verona family – Paul Young
Lady Capulet, his wife – Karen W. Comstock
Juliet, their daughter – Audra A. Breeher
Nurse, to Juliet – Anne Barr
Tybalt, nephew to the Capulets – Peter Aitchison
Petruchio, his friend – Gary Schwartz
Peter, servant of the Capulet household – Rob Gamez
Samson, servant of the Capulet household – Mark Demarais
Gregory, servant of the Capulet household – Sean Canuso
Friar Laurence, a Franciscan Friar – Gary Sullivan
Friar John, a Franciscan Friar – Moss Cremer
Ladies of the Capulet Ball – Lisa Rich, Kris Lucas
Holiday Revelers at Mantua – Jill Tyson, Sean Canuso, Kris Lucas, Mark Demarais, Jeff Ericksen, Gary Schwartz, Lisa Rich

Production Team

Audra A. Breeher as Juliet and Brooks Chelesvig as Romeo in ISU Theatre's 1988 production of "Romeo and Juliet." Photo by Mike Doolen.

Audra A. Breeher as Juliet and Brooks Chelesvig as Romeo in ISU Theatre’s 1988 production of “Romeo and Juliet.” Photo by Mike Doolen.

Guest Scenic Designer – David Oehler
Costume Designer – Jane Cox
Music Composition and Performance – Jeff Vallier
Choreographer – Janice Baker
Fight Choreography – Gregg Henry and Chris Libby
Guest Lighting Designer – Jeffrey McRoberts
Director – Gregg Henry
Stage Managers – Jim Lile, Tom Ford
Assistant Director – Maria Samson
Fight Captain – Chris Libby
Dance Captain – Amy Fry
Technical Director – George R. Dowker
Scenic Artist – Fritz Szabo
Dramaturg/Lobby Display – Peter A. Vrotsos
Hairstyle and Makeup Design – Karla Fritsch
Props Master – Robin Hill
Weapons Master – Mark Rogers
Light Board Operator – Mike Mosman
Assistant to the Lighting Designer – Matt Reinert
Sound Board Operator – Jeff Hummel
Master Electrician – Tom Ford
Master Carpenter – Al Barcheski
Publicist – Carole Horowitz
Program and Poster Design – Brian McIntire
Banners – Lisa Glaus, Kathy Seran
Running Crew – Lorraine Shipp
Secretary – Deb Tjelta
Photographer – Mike Doolen
Box Office Manager – Susan Schroeder
House Manager – Rosemarie Comito
Publicity Assistant – Amy Gilligan

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