Pentecost – Iowa State University Theatre Production

by David Edgar

An epic tale of our times. Set in an abandoned church on the eastern border of the new Europe, Pentecost begins with the discovery of a long hidden fresco that could revolutionize the history of western art. The contest over authorship, ownership and meaning of the painting provokes passionate religious and political controversy; until an unexpected and threatening arrival in the church sets events spiraling towards an explosive climax. Very much a play for the ’90s, Pentecost confronts head-on the major cultural, national and historical questions which face contemporary society as it approaches the millennium.

The Cast

Abdul – Sean Kehoe
Amira – Whitney Roe
Anna Jedlikova – Teesha Josten
Antonia – Jasmyne Brown
Cleopatra – Mary Willard
Czaba’s Secretary – Kara Spencer
Father Petr Karolyi – Josh Bryner
Father Sergei Bojovic – William Thompson
Fatima – Cindy Tshampl
Gabriella Pecs – Erin Baal
Grogori Kolorenko – Jonathon Cass
Leo Katz – Jack Meggers
Marina – K.T. Gobeski
Mikhail Czaba – Ben Godar
Nico – Dan Beaver-seitz
Oliver Davenport – Mike Vogt
Policewoman, Commando – Hilary Gaumer
Pusbas – Phillip Marten
Raif – Freddie Richards
Soldier – Matt Becker
Soldier, Commando – Eric Busler
Swedish Man – David Byrd
Teenage Girl, Art Restorer – Katie Goldsmith
Toni Newsome – Heather Gulling
Tunu – Shalini Amersey

Production Team

Assistant Stage Manager – Aaron Dopf
Costume Designer – Catherine Norgren
Director – Gregg Henry
Lighting Designer – Chris Mannes
Scenic Designer – Keith Duster
Stage Manager – Ray Steveson