Kiss Me Kate – Iowa State University Theatre

The Stars Over VEISHEA Musical

music and lyrics by Cole Porter, book by Bella and Samuel Spewack

“After all the things you told me and the promises that you gave, oh, why can’t you behave?”

A pre-Broadway production of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew is in rehearsal and almost everything is going well.  The one problem is that the leading actor and actress were once married and now argue with each other both onstage as their characters and backstage as themselves.  However there are those who think that all the loud disagreements might hide the fact that the two are still in love. Produced in cooperation with Stars Over VEISHEA and ISU Music.

April 8, 9, 15 and 16 at 7:30 p.m.; April 10 and 17 at 2:00 p.m.

Fisher Theater – Ames

Single tickets: Adults and Seniors $21 and Students $16. Get your ISU Theatre/Stars Over VEISHEA tickets through TicketMaster, the Iowa State Center Ticket Office in Ames, or at the door before the performance. Single tickets are on sale.

The Cast

Pops/Padua Priest – Phillip Sears
Paul/Padua Man – Jonathon Brugioni
Bill/Lucentio – Austen Naggatz
Dance Captain/Gregory/Padua Man – Josh Ster
Fred/Petruchio – Scott Hurst
Harry Trevor/Baptista – Greg Millar
Stagehand #1/Nathaniel/Padua Man – Seth Bacon
Gangster 1 – Ben Millar
Gangster 2 – Joseph Leon
Flynt/Gremio – Ethan Peterson
Riley/Hortensio – Evan Stenzel
Stagehand #2/Phillip/Padua Man – Brandon Brockshus
General Howell – Blake Burroughs
Hattie/Padua Woman – Megan Maller
Lois/Bianca – Kelsey Kovacevich
Lilli/Kate – Jacquie Evans
Stage Manager/Padua Woman – Kayla Kaufmann
Dancers/Padua Women – Natalie Heisterkamp, Kathleen Hoil, Abby Lund, Connor O’Brien-Stoffa, Lucy O’Connor, Faye Thomas


Piccolo and Flute – Emily Dorer
Flute and Mandolin – Tony LaBat
Oboe – Patricia Yochum
Clarinet – Holly Kauffman
Clarinet and Alto Saxophone – Katherine Seehusen
Soprano Saxophone and Alto Saxophone – Alexa Gibbs
Tenor Saxophone – Mark Lukasiewicz
Low Reeds – Kyle Sloup
Trumpet – Ben Kane, Bernard Moore
French Horn – Mike Lee, Kristy Carter
Trombone – Brandon Kowalsky, Reid Clagett
Piano – Johanna Sholar
Percussion – Andrew Burton
Percussion and Drum Set – Brandon Weeks, Justin Whisler
Violin – Hannah Pinnt, Katelyn Rew, Janet Horsager
Viola – Christina Sloan
Cello – Aaron Gottle
Double Bass – Jonathan Thoma
Harp – Victoria Farwell

Creative Team

Director – Brad Dell
Assistant Director – Tamara White
Musical Director/Conductor – Donald Simonson
Assistant Musical Director – Shaylena Barcus
Scenic Designer – Rob Sunderman
Costume Designer – Doris Nash
Lighting Designer – Jim Trenberth
Choreographer – Valerie Williams
Producer – Katie Pernula
Sales Manager – Kelsey Klaver
Publicist – Presha Kardile
Managerial Specialist – Phillip Sears
Cast Relations Manager – Courtney Sabus
Stage Manager – Casey Buenzow
Associate Stage Manager – Liz Rankin
Assistant Stage Manager – Sara Jensen, Kiah Kayser
Follow Spot Operators – Eric Calendine, Mitchell Nieland
Stagehand – Scott Kettner
Wardrobe – Jodan Goldie, Maggie McGinity
Light Board Operator – Austin Kopsa
Sound Board Operator – Charlie Ziemann
Production Manager – Jim Trenberth
Sound Designer – Josh Jepson
Program Designer – Kelsey Klaver
Accompanist – Johanna Sholar
Costume Shop Supervisor – Doris Nash
Costume Shop Assistants – Madeleine Kobus, Amy Lempia, Emma Rose Miles, Samantha Silver, Lindsey VanWyk, Anna Ward
Technical Director – Derek Hisek
Scene Shop Assistants – Janie Anderson, Brooke Berg, Taylor ClemensZachary Eskrich, Dan Fynaardt, Kiah Kayser, Matt Meldrem, Liz Rankin, Michael Steffen, Kiersten Naberhaus, Josh Ster, Nick Veenstra, Mat Wymore
Secretary – Liese VanderBroek
House Managers – Brittny Rebhuhn, Jeff White
Box Office Supervisors – Amber Fitzsimmons, Michael Reza Heath, Margaux Mireault, Brad Dell, Jim Trenberth
Scenic Painters – Brooke Berg, Kiah Kayser, Sea Sunderman, Catherine Porter, Rob Sunderman
Photography – Nancy Thompson


Publicity photos, production photos, and headshots by Nancy Thompson

Poster by Mary Bendgen

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