Kevin Geiken – Show Credits

Cast, Scrooge, A Christmas Carol, 2005
Stage Manager, Fiddler on the Roof, 2004
House Manager, The Diary of Anne Frank, 2005
House Manager, Talking With, 2005
House Manager, Dearly Departed, 2004
House Manager, True West, 2004
House Manager, Bleacher Bums, 2004
Cast, Gene Garrison, I Never Sang for My Father, 2003
Cast, Paris, Romeo and Juliet, 2003
Cast, Peter, Romeo and Juliet, 2003
Stage Manager, Grease, 2002
Cast, William Underhill, Heroes Among Us, 2001
Cast, Al, On the Open Road, 2000-2001
Cast, Edward O. Wilson, I’ve Got Something to Say Too, 2000
Cast, Sebastian, Twelfth Night, 2000