Into the Woods 2000 – Iowa State University Theatre Production

Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondeim, book by James Lapine

April 14-16, 2000 – Stephens Auditorium, Ames

Classic fairy tales (Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and others) are woven with the tale of a Baker and his Wife, who seek to break a spell of childlessness laid upon them by a crabby Witch. In Act One, a farcical, hilarious romp, the characters plot to get their wishes by whatever means necessary. All seems rosy until Act Two, when a furious Giantess arrives by beanstalk to seek revenge for her husband, whom Jack killed. Events turn serious as the characters learn penalties of greed and the consequences of their actions.

The Cast

Baker – Luke Stoffel
Baker’s Wife – Amy Slump
Cinderella – Jalyn Buechler
Cinderella’s Father – Tim Knotts
Cinderella’s Mother – Molly Foster
Cinderella’s Prince – Ryan Schweers
Cinderella’s Stepmother – Kelly Peterson
Florinda – Barb Wiedmann
Giant – Michael Lundberg
Granny – K.T. Gobeski
Jack – Sean Kehoe
Jack’s Mother – Doris Nash
Little Red Riding Hood – Melissa Larsen
Lucinda – Melissa Sorbo
Mysterious Man – Bret Pierce
Narrator – Katie Bogue
Rapunzel – Chrissy Shelledy
Rapunzel’s Prince – Richard Fulkerson
Sleeping Beauty – Katherine Pellett
Snow White – Jennifer Krohn
Steward – Ryan Walrod
Witch – Melinda Okerberg
Wolf – Leon Satchell

Production Team

Assistant Costume Designer – Aimee Viall
Assistant Musical Director – Ryan Schweers
Assistant Stage Manager – Chris Hennes
Conductor – Dustin Seifert
Costume Designer – Linda Pisano
Costume Shop Supervisor – Doris Nash
Director – Eve Himmelheber
Lighting Designer – Chris Mannes
Musical Director – Donald Simonson
Scenic Design – Peter Jenness
Sound Engineer – Jim Trenberth
Stage Manager – Annie Kremin
Technical Director – Brian Swanson