Gypsy 2009 – Iowa State University Theatre

music by Julie Styne, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, book by Arthur Laurents

To what lengths should a mother go to push her children’s success?

The ultimate stage-mother, Rose, pushes her two daughters into show business; the younger is talented and pretty; the older is shy and does not receive much attention. Nevertheless, the older daughter becomes Gypsy Rose Lee, a famous striptease artist, and achieves the huge success that was always out of reach for her mother.

April 15, 16, 17, and 18 at 7:30 p.m. and April 19 at 2 p.m.

Fisher Theater – Ames

The Cast

Uncle Jocko – Caleb Woodley
Georgie – Tamara White
Baby Louise – Andie Newell
Baby June – Brynne Ronca
Rose – Mariana Seda
Pop – Patrick Gouran
Mr. Weber – Alex Fitzgerald
Herbie – Steve Goedken
Louise – Meghan Sigwarth
Dainty June – Jessica Hay
Mr. Kringelein – Michael Rubke
Mr. Goldstone – Mike Givens
Miss Cratchitt – Madison Welterlen
Pastey – Jesse Donner
Tessie Tura – Kelsey Kovacevich
Electra – Jessica Selmer
Mazeppa – Janae Hohbein
Cigar – Jeff Mason
Bourgeron-Cochon – Colin Morgan
Phil – Aaron Hofmeyer
Stage Mothers – Susan Adams, Margaux Mireault
Maid – Natalie Chamat
Waitress – Anna Ward
Cow – Shelly Farley, Anna Ward

Uncle Jocko’s Kiddie Show Participants
Arnold – Riley Wilgenbush
Clarence – Alestair Metcalf
Balloon Girl – Reese Ravner
Clown – Julie Nagel
Gypsy – Emily Arick
Hula Girl – Molly Sanders
Singer – Emilia Bendler
Wizard – Addy Metcalf

Baby Yonkers – Tyler Ronca
Baby Angie – Tavan Shahidi
Baby L.A. – Ben Eyles

Farm Boys
Tulsa – Bryce Larsen
Yonkers – Chris King
Angie – Michael Reza Heath
L.A. – Ben Millar

Hollywood Blondes
Agnes – Katelyn Thompson
Dolores – Heather Kae Smith
Edna – Rachael Heisterkamp
Gail – Shelly Farley
Marjorie May – Jocelyn Ascherl
Thelme – Ali Dahl


Violin – Victoria Farwell, Grace Ouyang, Hanna Park, Jared Wachter
Viola – Hilda Garma, Julie Orris
Cello – Aaron Gottle
Trumpet – Matt Crispin, Matt Gaunitz, Ben Kane
Trombone – Burton Hable, Jeff Schmitt
Horn – Chris Truckenmiller
Baritone – Matt Mares
Tuba – Simon McCoy
Flute – Alyssa Gilkey, Karina Snider
Clarinet – Jaemyung Kim
Alto Saxophone – Alexa Gibbs
Clarinet/Alto Saxophone – Katie Seehusen
Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone – Michael Golemo, Holly Kauffman
Percussion – Rachel McCoy


Chowsie – Greta Coffey
Cat – Lilly

Production Team

Director – Brad Dell
Musical Director and Conductor – Donald Simonson
Assistant Musical Directors – Zach Ford, Tom Neuerburg
Assistant Director – Alycia Reed
Choreographer – Taryn Packheiser
Scenic Designer – Rob Sunderman
Assistant Scenic Designer – Amy D’Camp
Costume Designer – Gregory Duckett
Lighting Designer – Jim Trenberth
Stage Manager – Carrie Taylor
Assistant Stage Manager – Nick Juelsgaard
Vocal Coach – Mary Creswell
Production Manager – Jim Trenberth
Hair and Makeup Assistants – Alexandra Duriavich, Justina Frost, Erin Hamling, Hayley Maisel
Light Board – Timothy Judd, Nick Veenstra
Sound Board – Matthew Boyce
Wardrobe – Casey Buenzow
Props Master – Matt Meldrem
Props Managers – Carrie Taylor, Kelly Teitsworth
Photography – Patrick Gouran
Scenic Artists – Emily Arick, Brooke Berg, Amy D’Camp, Brad Dell, John Flotho, Samantha Rieff, Rob Sunderman, Sea Sunderman, Anna Sunstrom, Jim Trenberth
Producer – Devin Miller
Assistant Producer – Scott Larson
Publicist – Hanna Campbell
Sales Managers – Kathryn Mosiman, Rob Todd
Special Events Coordinator – Chelsea Leuenberger
Cast Relations Manager – Carrie Taylor
Advisor – Brad Dell
Stagehand – Ryan Stufflebeem
Assistant Lighting Designer – Justin Albright
Technical Director – Emily Brainerd
Costume Shop Supervisor – Doris Nash
Secretary – Liese VanderBroek
Poster – Devin Miller
Costume Shop Assistants – Emma Rose Miles, Susuwi Salvador, Mariana Seda, Joanna Suckling, Anna Sunstrom, Justine Year
Scene Shop Assistants – Justin Albright, Justin Bein, Jon Eimer, Ben Howell, Nick Juelsgaard, Nate Lawrence-Richards, Matt Meldrem, Nick Veenstra, Mat Wymore


Publicity photos and production photos by Patrick Gouran

Poster by Devin Miller

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