Fortinbras – Iowa State University Theatre Production

by Lee Blessing


Young Fortinbras, a modern man of action, enters during the last scene of Hamlet only to order the bodies of the royal family shuffled off while he devises the best possible media blitz to legitimize his ascension to the throne of Denmark. Horatio, sworn to the dead Hamlet to convey the truth of his actions, is immediately cast by Fortinbras into the role of an unwilling public relations person. Meanwhile, Fortinbras is forced to balance a disastrous and mistaken invasion of Poland with a seductive and harrowing array of ghosts, ranging from a vampish Ophelia to a repentant Claudius and Gertrude, all of whom cast doubts in his mind as to what really makes up the character of a ruler. Finally, Horatio, driven to madness by the refusal of everyone to believe in him, assassinates Fortinbras and then kills himself. In the afterworld, all of the characters reconvene, wiser now by their deaths and ready to make a new go of it in Elsinore.

The Cast

Barnardo – Sean Kehoe
Claudius – Patrick Wolfe
Claudius’ Guard – Darren Manning
Claudius’ Guard – Jason Losh
Claudius’ Guard – Lex Jacobson
Cornelius – Ben Godar
English Ambassador – Chad Lamb
Fortinbras – Dan Fairall
Fortinbras’ Captain – Donnavan Tyler
Fortinbras’ Soldier – Darren Manning
Fortinbras’ Soldier – Ben Godar
Francisco – Kevin Davis
Gertrude – Cara Peterson
Gravedigger – Jack Meggers
Guildenstern – Josh Bryner
Hamlet – Tim Davis
Hamlet’s Father – Patrick Wolfe
Horatio – Richard Dawson
Laertes – William Schneider
Marcellus – Jason Bertsen
Ophelia – Erica Lonesome
Osric – Adam Simmons
Player – Licia Hammer
Player – Jason Losh
Player – Kendis Doss
Player – Lex Jacobson
Player – Christine Edison
Player King – Josha Raulerson
Player Queen – Becky Voas
Polish Maiden, Lady in Waiting – Shalini Amersey
Polish Maiden, Lady in Waiting – Kim Hale
Polonius – Mark Sutch
Rosencrantz – Jacob Hiett
The Priest – Darren Manning
The Sailor – Chad Lamb

Production Team

Costume Design – Joe Kowalski
Director – Shirley Basfield-Dunlap
Lighting Designer – Jim Trenberth
Scenic Design – Fritz Szabo

Production photos by Patrick Gouran