Barjche 2006

Iowa State’s modern dance company, Orchesis 1, and modern dance icon Martha Graham, whose company is recognized as the oldest modern dance company in the nation, share more than just a passion for modern dance – both were founded in 1926.

This year Orchesis 1 members are showcasing what 80 years of talent and dedication to the group can bring to the stage in their annual production of Barjche 2006.

Since its beginning in 1944, Barjche has evolved from a three student concert to one involving students and faculty in three departments – dance, theater and music.

New to Barjche is Orchesis 1 advisor and Barjche’s artistic director, Taryn Packheiser, who is choreographing five dances for the show.

One of Packheiser’s dances, Sweet Suite, draws from GAP commercial styles and mocking samplings of melodies with “slacker” jargon.

Packheiser is also reworking a Hip Hop piece, Dance Banned, which is set to the rhythms of a drumline, and will be complimented by pre-show entertainment featuring the members of Groove, ISU’s drumline club.

Guest artist, Leyya Tawil, artistic director of Oakland-based Dance Elixir has created a new work titled Model T. Model T is a direct reference to the famous Model T Ford, and dancers play with the assembly line theme in a lightly representative manner.

“This work comments on conformity, replication and perpetual work,” said Tawil.

The members of Orchesis 1 join together for two purposes – to partake of the inner satisfaction and mutual stimulation that is received from working together and from participation in dance as a form of artistic expression.

Orchesis 1 strives to provide a favorable environment for artistic growth and for the enjoyment and education of others.

February 10-12, 2006 – Fisher Theater