Barjche 2004


Orchesis I

February 12-15, 2004 – Fisher Theater

Barjche 2004, produced by Iowa State’s modern dance club, Orchesis I, encapsulates not only the innovative ideas of its members, but this year also incorporates the collaborative efforts of ISU’s theater and music departments.

This year’s Barjche (pronounced Bar-shay) features the talent of over fifty Orchesis I members, performing original pieces created by 16 choreographers.

Three of these choreographers: one lighting designer, one scene designer, and one stage director, come to Barjche from the theater realm bringing to life their ideas of abstract movement to a dancer’s world.

The intriguing choreography of Orchesis I adviser, Amy Martin, combines her innovative movement based on angels with the inventive musical composition of ISU vocal performance major Matt McCue. Also composing his own music, punk rock band member and this year’s modern dance guest artist, Curt Anthon from Tempe, Arizona, brings his ideas of extraterrestrial beings and use of black light and other miscellaneous props to create a place that is not of this world. Anthon’s fused choreography combines the styles of modern, jazz, and break-dancing to further enhance his ideas of an alien environment. Animal ecology meets dance as ISU dance accompanist, Vernon Windsor fuses the pure and enchanting movement of Native American dance and blends it with that of distinct animal characteristics.

From the ideas of bending reality to a focus on feet, from the ideas of self-love to the idea of your life flashing before your eyes, from the ideas of nightmares to the idea of friendly acceptance, and from the idea of mounting tension to the idea of how time travels—student choreographers have produced nine enticing pieces creating movement invention and challenging the audience to enter the world in which the choreographer has created.


Jennifer Karabatsos
Robert Sunderman
Nathan Zobel
Beth Danowksy
Vernon Windsor
Paul Barnes
Amy Martin
Laura Geiger
Stephanie Kobes
Jim Trenberth
Kurt Anthon
Ashley Miller
Cassie Bonnett
Janice Baker
Stjepan Rajko
Robin Stone

Lighting Design

Ryan McNair
Amanda Mayfield
Mark Kerwood
Benjamin Myers
Liz Peterson
Jim Trenberth
Sean Stolper
Ashley Krusinski
Robin Stone
Robert Sunderman
Sally Grosenbach

Stage Manager – Jessica Gunzburger


Production photos by Patrick Gouran