Barjche 2002

by Orchesis I

March 8-10, 2002

Fisher Theater

What in the world is Barjche (BAR-SHAY), you ask? Well Barjche is something different every year, although you can always count on exciting dance performance, wild costumes and great music. This year the Orchesis dancers, including students, faculty, and guest artists will create fifteen dances about the driving force of change. Breaking boundaries, breaking expectations, breaking tradition, all of these are explored through the powerful or confrontational or tender dances of Barjche 2002.

Production Team

Assistant Stage Manager – Erica Griese
Costume Designer – Linda Pisano
Costume Shop Supervisor – Doris Nash
Director – Jane Cox
Lighting Designer – Chris Hennes
Scenic Designer – Brian Swanson
Stage Manager – Marcia Schultz


Demian Willette
Courtney McClimon
Megan Helmers
Kareem Dixon
Michelle Kliegl
Jeremy Waymire
Vernon Windsor
Jamie Jo Weedon
Janice Baker
Laurie Sanda
Teresa Swanson
Naura Heiman
Jill Elgin
Jeff Kaplan
Matthew Kawa
Melissa Larsen
Kelly Bartlett
Meg Johnson
Ashley Miller
Betty Gabriel
Guest Choreographer – Bill Evans

Lighting Designer 
Sally Grosenbach
Chris Hennes
Benjamin Myers
Jim Trenberth
Kelly Bartlett

Stage Manager – Karen Ilczuk