Alice in Wonderland – Iowa State University Theatre Production

A new adaptation by Matt Foss, based on books by Lewis Carroll

I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night?  Let me think.  Was I the same when I got up this morning?

A girl falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world of the White Rabbit, The Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts.  Alice finds it all so curious that she finally concludes “It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.”  Many including Walt Disney and Tim Burton have filmed versions of the famous children’s novel.  This is a new script that takes a fresh look at Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece.

November 30 and December 1, 7, and 8 at 7:30 p.m.; December 2 at 1 p.m. and December 9 at 2 p.m.

Fisher Theater – Ames

Adults $16, seniors $14, students $8. Single tickets go on sale September 4 and are available through the Stephens Box Office in Ames or any TicketMaster.

The Cast

Alice – Kathleen Hoil
Mother – Julia Ferrell
White Rabbit – Brent LeBlanc
White Knight – Dan Poppen
Birds in the Pool of Tears – Meghan M. Berkland, Lauren Dentler, André  Johnson, Jr., Cassilyn Ostrander
Bill the Lizard – Kelsie Hardison
Pat the Guinea Pig – Kivan Kirk
Wonderland Insects – Vinecia Coleman, Annie Feenstra, Brittny Rebhuhn, Miranda Shunkwiler, Elizabeth Thompson
Rose – Ashley Wiser
Tiger Lilly – Alyson Boes
Iris – Devyn Lenaghan
Daisy – Abby Lund
Dandelion – Mark Klooster
Flowers in the Garden – Shayla Cudd, Lauren Dursky, Jenna Engebretson, Amy Lewison
Caterpillar – Ethan Peterson
Caterpillar Puppeteers – Noah Allyn, André  Johnson, Jr., Wes Ketcham, Alyssa Maldonado, Cassilyn Ostrander, Christopher Kent, Vicky Stafford
Tweedle Dee/Walrus – Drew McCubbin
Tweedle Dum/Carpenter – Nick Neal
Oysters – Noah Allyn, Megan Beck, Shayla CuddLauren Dentler, Lauren Dursky, Jenna Engebretson, Kelsie Hardison, Devyn Lenaghan, Amy Lewison, Abby Lund, Alyssa Maldonado, Ashley Wiser
Cheshire Cat – Christopher Grim
Cheshire Cat Puppeteers – Wes Ketcham, Kivan Kirk, Amy Lewison, Alyssa Maldonado, Cassilyn Ostrander, Christopher Kent, Vicky StaffordMiranda Shunkwiler
Mad Hatter – Brittny Rebhuhn
March Hare – Annie Feenstra
Dormouse – Elizabeth Thompson
Playing Cards – Megan Beck, Alyson Boes, Kelsie Hardison, Wes Ketcham, Mark Klooster, Amy Lewison, Christopher Kent, Alyssa Maldonado, Ashley Wiser
Flamingos – Megan Beck, Julia Ferrell, Nick Neal, Miranda Shunkwiler
Hedgehogs – Alyson Boes, Annie Feenstra, Drew McCubbin, Brittny Rebhuhn, Vicky Stafford, Elizabeth Thompson
Queen of Hearts – Vinecia Coleman
Humpty Dumpty – Noah Allyn
Jabberwocky – Vicky Stafford

Creative Team

Director – Matt Foss
Scenic Designer – Davalyn Stepzinski
Costume Designer – Kelly Marie Schaefer
Lighting Designer – Jim Trenberth
Stage Manager – Liz Rankin
Assistant Stage Manager – Salugna Sarkar
Assistant Directors – Taylor Clemens, Austin Kopsa
Dramaturg – Austin Kopsa
Puppet Coordinator – Taylor Clemens
Puppet Designers – Taylor Clemens, Matt Foss, Derek Hisek, Liz Rankin, Davalyn Stepzinski
Light Board – Carolyn Susa
Stagehands – Shannon Lange, Kenneth Shibata
Wardrobe – Brandon Brockshus, Rachel Hupp
Props Master – Liz Rankin
Photography – Nancy Thompson
Poster Design – Mary Bendgen
Program Design – Liese VanderBroek
Technical Director – Derek Hisek
Scene Shop Assistants – Taylor Clemens, Zachary Eskrich, Kathleen Hoil, André Johnson, Jr., Kiah Kayser, Austin Kopsa, Brent LeBlanc, Kiersten Naberhaus, Bryce Poellet, Liz Rankin, Davalyn Stepzinski, Douglas VanOostenrijk, Justin Voga, Charles Ziemann
Costume Shop Supervisor – Doris Nash
Costume Shop Assistants – Lauren Dursky, Katelyn Hall, Linsey Heister, Madeleine Kobus, Morgann McCoy, Emily Morley, Katie Riese
Secretary – Liese VanderBroek
Publicity Assistant – Belinda Hornby
House Managers – Zachary Eskrich, Kiah Kayser, Austin Kopsa
Box Office Supervisors – Zachary Eskrich, Kiah Kayser, Carolyn Susa


Production photos, publicity photos, and headshots by Nancy Thompson

Graphics by Mary Bendgen and Nancy Thompson

Poster by Mary Bendgen

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