A Christmas Carol 1995 – Iowa State University Theatre Production

adapted by Jane Cox, from the novel by Charles Dickens

It is Christmas Eve and the hardhearted miser, Ebenezer Scrooge is sharing his views on work and money with his nephew and an employee, Bob Cratchit. Later that night, Scrooge is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future all of whom try to bring him to redemption. This well-loved story continues to be a holiday favorite for the entire family.


Belinda – Katie Schmaltz
Belle/Janet – Kim Hale
Bob Cratchit – Tim Davis
Christmas Future – Scott Patten
Christmas Past – Mary Willard
Christmas Present – Jason Howland
Dick/Thomas – Travis Brownell
Ebeneezer – Josh Bryner
Ensemble – Andy Moore
Ensemble – Alex Watts
Ensemble – Andrew Crosson
Ensemble – Sarah Long
Ensemble – Emily Smith
Ensemble – Erin Baal
Ensemble – Charles Kaster
Ensemble – Adam Simmons
Ensemble – Katie Witten
Ensemble – Amy Jackson
Fan/Match Girl – Sarah Williams
Fred – Kent Abbott
Mabel/Caroline – Dawn Mampreian
Marley – Phillip Marten
Martha – Alyssa Harmon
Mr. Hazlitt/Mr. Fezziwig – Patrick Burkhart
Mrs. Cratchit – Sarah Bliss
Mrs. Hazlitt/Mrs. Fezziwig – Leana Benson
Peter – Joshua Welter
Scrooge – Dan Fairall
Tim – David Trevillyan
Young Cratchit – Emily Mcvan
Young Cratchit – Katherine Lundberg
Young Ebeneezer/Boy – Nathanial Oster

Production Team

Assistant Director – Tim Davis
Assistant Stage Manager – Chris Mannes
Choreographer – Linda Sabo
Costume Designer – Joe Kowalski
Director – Cara Peterson
Lighting Designer – Jim Trenberth
Scenic Designer – Fritz Szabo
Stage Manager – Jennifer Vierck