Tickets for ISU Theatre’s upcoming musical production of Little Women are currently on sale through the Iowa State Center Ticket Office or Ticketmaster. Do you have your tickets? This production opens this weekend!

The Theatre office has moved to 310 Carver Hall and faculty offices are now located on the third floor of Carver as well. Stop by and see us in our new location!

Scholarship applications are being accepted through noon on Monday, March 20, 2017. Download the Scholarship Application Form. Turn in your form in person to 2130 Pearson Hall by the deadline or e-mail your application to


Program Overview

ISU Theatre provides a comprehensive undergraduate education in Theatre and the Performing Arts. This program prepares the student for graduate school, professional theatre training programs, and the teaching of Theatre at the secondary education level. Courses in Theatrical Design and Technology, Acting, Directing, History and Criticism provide the foundation for students in Theatre.

The activities of the Theatre area reflect Iowa State University’s commitment to excellence in teaching and creative activity. Its principle research mission is creative activity. By designing, directing, acting and writing for the Theatre both in their on-campus laboratory, Fisher Theater, and through guest residencies with other state, regional, national and international theatre companies, the Theatre faculty enhance their artistic and technological capabilities and enrich their effectiveness in the classroom.

Performing Arts graduates, in addition to a solid theoretical and experiential background in the areas of performance, theatrical design, dance and music, are prepared to meet the challenges of the work force or graduate school with their strengths in collaboration, creative problem solving, meeting deadlines and processing diverse input to yield cohesive output. Two required professional internships prior to graduation are vital to the student’s appreciation and practical understanding of the rigors of the field.

Students that have questions concerning advising should contact Jane Cox by calling 515-294-9766 or e-mailing